Swatch Me Go: Orly’s Fowl Play

Orly’s Fowl Play is the polish through which I learned that a glitter already in a jelly base is called a flakie. I don’t know who came up with the name, but it turns up a number of Google results, so I’ll use it even if it makes me think of ditzy valley girls from the early 90s (gag me with a spoon).

Orly's Fowl Play

This is also the polish that introduced me to jelly bases, and it was love at first swipe. So smooth. So glossy. So durable! Jellies seem to chip less than any other polishes on my nails, which I adore since my paper-thin nails are not made for manicure durability, no matter what base(s) I use. I can usually get about five days out of a jelly before I have to move on, whereas anything else is two or three tops.

Anyway, Fowl Play was the start of an era for me, so I wanted to showcase it. It’s also in the previous post with some gold snowflakes. This polish is stunning with gold stamping or freehand art, but I really wanted to showcase its beauty all on its own. This is already on day three of wear, and as you can see, other than some scuffing (it’ll buff out) no chips, no tip wear!


2 comments on “Swatch Me Go: Orly’s Fowl Play

  1. subgirl says:

    Actually flakie refers to the TYPE of glitter in the polish, not the glitter in a jelly finish. That is just a jelly glitter.

    The flakie is referring to the irregular shaped iridescent “flakes” that float in the polish. There are flakie jellies and flakie topcoats. For example, just the flakies on their own (they usually colour shift too and are like fish scales. Some actually ARE made from fish scales!) are in polishrs such as the coveted Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (old version, the new one is a pink shimmer.), Nubar 2010 & Essie Shine of the Times.

    NFU Oh has flakies in tinted or jelly bases.

    This Orly has both glitter/shimmer (the silvery stuff, it’s shimmer when it’s really tiny) AND flakies in a jelly base which is where I think the confusion comes in.

    And to add to that a Jelly polish is describing the finish/texture. It is a sheer polish that doesn’t necessarily cover in one or two coats, and depending on the opacity and density can either fully cover the nail line or not. They usually are glossy. Many glitter heavy & indie polishes are in a jelly base so that the glitter will not be covered by the base polish itself.

    Hope this helps clarify things. There aren’t a lot of solid definitions and there’s a lot of overlap since most of the vocabulary is created spontaneously from use and reuse. However jelly & flaky both have fairly definite parameters, but are difficult to describe easily or succinctly.

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