You’re Invited

Baroque Stamping

I lifted this design off a wedding invitation I received a few years back and have admired ever since. The design is a lovely baroque filigree stamp from the MASH bundle available on Amazon. And, yes, it’s the same one featured in my “stamps” post from a few days ago. Did I mention it was my favorite? It’s my favorite.

The black is plain ol’ transparent tape, painted black with polish and cut into strips. I just stuck ’em on top after I did my Seche Vite, then sealed them with a super-shine Sally Hansen topcoat (there are a few different ones… they all work the same as far as I can tell). This manicure lasted a week, even with the rhinestones, before I had a single chip. I highly recommend this DIY striping tape. You can cut any shape you want, not just stripes. Give it a go!


5 comments on “You’re Invited

  1. Caterina says:

    I just started a blog a few months ago too. It initially started out including all things I love, DIY projects, food – especially desserts, and nails/nail polish. But I stopped posting pictures of my nails since my nails are boring compared to others blogs out there, including yours. You won me over with your very first post! Check out my blog if you were wondering how to Dip-Dye your t-shirts, among other things…. I look forward to seeing what holiday inspired nail designs you come up with….

    • Oh, the holidays sure are fun, aren’t they? I’ve gotten lazy about posting (haven’t been feeling super well lately) but I’ll make sure to get on the ball since I have people expecting greatness. I will definitely browse your blog for crafty tips!

  2. eklinman says:

    I just wandered into your blog from a post by Adventures in Acetone…your stuff is awesome (I am aware you probably already know that)!

  3. jordie says:

    wow!! off a wedding design, cool inspiration

  4. Delphi Michaels says:


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