My name is Vicki, and I am a nail polish addict.

The only twelve steps I want to make in regards to this addiction are twelve steps into my nearest beauty supply store. This is my zen. This is how I unwind. How I deal with stress. How I express myself.

I also have a thing for fashion in general. I tailor my own clothing. I sew my own garments. While I have days where I will lounge around in a hoodie and ratty jeans, I take joy in putting together outfits that are chic and flattering. I love accessories, especially hair bows and flowers. I love to layer necklaces. And I am very, very choosy about shoes.

Fashion, to me, extends to my home. I’ve either made all of the art on my walls, or purchased it from individual artists. I love color coordinating the various rooms of my house. When I have a new addition, I will come here to show it off.

I make sure to spend time making my friends and family feel good. I will absolutely do your nails. I’ll probably do your hair and help you tailor your clothes. I want you to feel beautiful.

I love beauty in all its forms. I love to express myself through fashion. I love tattoos, have several, will have more. I love that the older I get, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin and in expressing myself exactly how I mean to. I love the joy that feeling good about myself brings.

And I love sharing my joy with others. Thanks for joining me in celebrating the beauty in my life!


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  1. Delphi Michaels says:

    Hi…I see you haven’t posted since October. Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to let you know about the latest pond mani I saw at http://www.setinlacquer.com/2014/04/pond-nail-art-thats-well-pond.html. I left a comment there with a link to your blog to let the blogger know who created the pond technique. ;) Delphi

  2. Delphi Michaels says:

    Oh, crap. I didn’t scroll down far enough on your blog posts to see you do offer visitors the ability to leave a comment. Can we just pretend I didn’t say that part? But I do have one more suggestion: your label that says, “Enter your comment here…” is really a pain in the butt when the cursor wanders into the comment field. It kept popping up repeatedly when I typed that huge message. Just a thought. :)

  3. Delphi Michaels says:

    You would not believe the route I took to get here! I was pinning nail art on Pinterest and I always make sure to link to the original source. I found a cool splatter mani that didn’t link to anything but the picture said it was from color-happy.blogspot.com. When I went to that blog, there was a message saying the blog is now located at colorhappynails.blogspot.com. I went to the blog’s new location and searched for the link to the mani but couldn’t find it. I then sent the blogger an email asking if she could provide the link. But I continued to browse on her blog and found this mani: http://colorhappynails.blogspot.com/2013/02/runaway-yarn.html which I thought was adorable. I saw she used Zoya Carmen for the stamping. I Googled Zoya Carmen to see what a larger swatch of it would look like. From the images, I picked the first picture which took me to a blog called Polish Etc. I’m a huge nail art blog surfer and hadn’t seen Polish Etc.before so I clicked on “Home” to add the main URL to my bookmarks. I scrolled down the first page and found an interesting picture so I clicked on it and went to http://www.polishetc.com/2013/05/guest-post-on-morning-nailspiration.html. I clicked on a link on that page which took me to another blog called Morning Nailspiration. So there I was on the page Polish Etc. had deposited me on: http://morningnailspiration.blogspot.com/2013/05/music-music-is-life-its-physical.html. I glanced to the right and picked Flower Nail Art at random from Morning Nailspiration’s blog archive which took me to http://morningnailspiration.blogspot.com/2013/05/flower-nail-art.html and TA-DAH, one of the most beautiful manis I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds). I read that post which said, incorrectly, that the beautiful mani was the first jelly sandwich mani ever, and that it had been traced back to , “…a Reddit post by Vicki who used Zoya Frida.” Thank goodness that part was correct. (There was also a picture of the blogger’s attempt to copy your mani, in case you want to see it.) I thought, “What the heck is Reddit?” and clicked on the link and there I was on http://www.reddit.com/r/RedditLaqueristas/comments/1ck1tq/first_jelly_sandwich_flowers_on_a_pond/. I scrolled all the way down the first page of comments and read them all. I cracked up at the comment from Drago6817 who “eschew[ed his] manhood” to tell you your mani was an “impressive display of artistic ability.” (He was right.) I also learned a little about the weaving of fabric from your message thread with Kelsey Keefe. (I have to remember your awesome conversation starter: “Tell me something neat about weaving that I wouldn’t know unless I’ve done it. I like random trivia.”) When I got to the part that said you started a blog I, of course, looked up your nail blog. And here I am! You may be thinking, “Why did she leave me a comment just to say how she found my blog?” Well, I thought it would be an interesting challenge for myself to try to explain how I surfed here. But what I really wanted to say (I buried my lead…deep…very deep) is, “You do great nails!” and I’d like to encourage you to do a couple things with your nail blog that will help spread the word about it (if you build it, they will come): please post much larger pictures. Like the ones that are on http://www.chalkboardnails.com/ for example. Having larger pictures will encourage people (like me) to post your nail designs to Pinterest where they will get a lot of notice (I have 561 followers myself as of today and that’s a puny number compared to some people who post nail art pictures) and then people will click on the pictures which link to your blog. Suddenly you’ll have more blog visitors than you can shake a nail at. The other suggestion I have is to allow for each post to have comments. I’ve never seen a nail blog where you couldn’t do that. See http://www.didmynails.com/ for example. Oh. I lied. I have one more suggestion. Please consider adding information on this post: https://oliveviewfashion.com/2013/04/21/nail-art-history/ about what polishes and techniques you used. I love the sunflower, tulip and daisies designs especially and would really have enjoyed knowing more information about how you created them. OMG. I had NO idea I was going to write this much. I’ll be back to visit your blog and hope you consider incorporating my suggestions. Thank you especially for creating that awesome jelly sandwich mani with the dotted flowers between the layers. One of my favorite jellies is Essie’s Bordeaux which is a gorgeous red. I’m not quite sure it’s sheer enough to see white flowers through the layers but I’m sure as heck going to try! If it doesn’t work then I guess I’ll just have to buy Zoya’s Katherine which has been on my lemming list for awhile now. Oh, one last thing. I read you use Seche Vite and that you think it’s a good topcoat to use with Zoya. Just FYI, i have read repeatedly on nail blogs the exact opposite; that SV is a good topcoat but it doesn’t like Zoya. That’s also been my experience. SV causes a lot of nail polish shrinkage with Zoya for some reason. Most people use something else. The vast majority seem to prefer Poshe with their Zoya…as do I. Okay, I’m done. Seriously. Going now. Delphi

    • That… is an awesome wall of text. I enjoyed reading your blog/post chain! My biggest priority is to take better quality pictures from now on. I’m working on it. The post I just made is not an example… but I have a couple more scheduled already for this week that have better pictures.

      I’m very much a WordPress rookie. I don’t love the theme I’m using right now and I don’t have as much ability to customize it as I would like. If I can figure out how to enable some of the functionality suggestions you made, I’d be glad to do so. Seems this particular theme is hamstrung a bit, but… we’ll see. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Delphi Michaels says:

        It was very nice of you to reply. I admit that if I went to check the messages on my blog (not that I have a blog…yet…but that’s another topic), and saw what you very accurately described as a “wall of text” in one message, words and phrases like, “weird,” “too much time on her hands,” and “know-it-all” might come to my mind. I appreciate you approached what I had to say with an open mind! I happen to be a web site designer and programmer but I’ve never worked with WordPress so I wish you luck. I’ve noticed a lot of nail bloggers use WordPress. If you come across a nail blog site that looks like they’re functioning with advanced WordPress features, you might think about emailing them to see if they’ll either help you or point the way to a website(s) that offers help to WordPress users. I’ve found many nail bloggers (you included) to be very good sports. Good luck! I’ll be back to see your blog. Delphi :)

        • Yeah, I’ve dabbled in web design, enough to know how to format basic elements of design. Unfortunately, WordPress is extremely limited on customization unless you pay for the themes. For right now, I’m not feeling up to that venture. I know if I go that deep, I will spend hours designing and coding, and I don’t have hours to spend on that right now… haha. But at some point, possibly. I have a chunk of vacation time in August and no plans. Maybe then? We shall see!

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