Fun with Classic Red

Today’s classic red is courtesy of Butter London and their gorgeous Pillar Box Red. It doesn’t get any lovelier than this. While the color is stunning on its own, I love to jazz it up, taking it to another level.



… or ornate …


… a classic cream is a stunning backdrop for all the nail art you could ever want.

(Personal note: The ornate version was to celebrate the Detroit Red Wings being in the playoffs for 23 consecutive seasons. They didn’t make it far, but it was fun while it lasted. Go Wings!)


I took this picture with a potato.

Victoriana Lace I wanted to post this even though I realized long after I had removed the mani that the pictures I had taken were all blurry. As a photographer, I am embarrassed to admit this was taken with a DSLR and not, say, a rotten cucumber. Or even a cell phone. My commitment for this blog is to start posting higher-quality pictures. That way, if someone wants to share them, I don’t have to be embarrassed about taking pictures with an old sneaker.

But! It was my first successful venture into the lacey-edged designs I’ve been coveting throughout lacquerista-land for some time. The polish is Butter London Victoriana, even though the color is weird in this photo to say the very least. Let’s just focus on the lace, shall we?

I love how the index and pinky nails look like garters. I have a feeling I will be redoing that part as a mani of its own soon. Quick, easy, and darling.