Oh, say can you see DEM SPARKLES


Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! And a merry 4th July to all else. I’m celebrating with China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps, Essie’s Aruba Blue and Set in Stones, and some trusty white striping tape. Please enjoy fireworks season safely and thoroughly! 


The Start of Autumn

Here we have the first of many autumn manicures I will be doing. I love fall colors above all else, their richness and warmth. And so pretty!


The base brown is China Glaze’s Mahogany Magic (yes, from the Capitol Colours collection!), with Cross Iron for the orange. The gold is Orly’s Luxe. Thumb not featured because it looked more like a pine cone than a leaf. Bonus flash pic! I realized after I downloaded the above pic that it was kind of blurry, so I took one with flash. The colors are all wrong, but the design is much sharper. I really need to figure out how to best photograph my nails, pronto.


More to come!

Pink on Pink

China Glaze "Make an Entrance" and "Passion for Petals"

China Glaze “Make an Entrance” and “Passion for Petals”

Can’t decide which pink to use? Why not both?

I’ve been on such a royal blue kick this entire summer that I wanted to force myself to use some brighter colors. But which to pick? The warmer shade is my favorite, but the more neon shade doesn’t get enough love for me.

Eh, screw it. Stripes again! I love stripes in all aspects of my life. Shortly, I’ll post a picture of my cube decor at work. It’s all texture and patterns and geometry. My coworkers think I’m nuts, but it makes me happy. Same with nail art.

To get the clean stripes I used regular ol’ transparent tape cut into narrow strips, the width I wanted my stripes to be. Love that clean line. Love.

Anyone else think this looks like a t-shirt Old Navy would sell, or is it just me?