Pink on Pink

China Glaze "Make an Entrance" and "Passion for Petals"

China Glaze “Make an Entrance” and “Passion for Petals”

Can’t decide which pink to use? Why not both?

I’ve been on such a royal blue kick this entire summer that I wanted to force myself to use some brighter colors. But which to pick? The warmer shade is my favorite, but the more neon shade doesn’t get enough love for me.

Eh, screw it. Stripes again! I love stripes in all aspects of my life. Shortly, I’ll post a picture of my cube decor at work. It’s all texture and patterns and geometry. My coworkers think I’m nuts, but it makes me happy. Same with nail art.

To get the clean stripes I used regular ol’ transparent tape cut into narrow strips, the width I wanted my stripes to be. Love that clean line. Love.

Anyone else think this looks like a t-shirt Old Navy would sell, or is it just me?


A Foray Into Striping Tape

Sephora by OPI "Read My Palm"

Sephora by OPI “Read My Palm”

Striping tape has long been a point of contention with me. While countless others have had success, I found nothing but frustration. However, when experimenting with an Independence Day manicure (whose picture I seem to have misplaced…) I learned that I had white striping tape. So, instead of using the tape to mask stripes, I decided to leave it on. Y’know… kinda how it was maybe meant to be used. Or something.

It worked brilliantly. And, thus, a new love was born. Add in my typical floral and a rhinestone for the hell of it, and I had one rockin’ mani. Striping tape, we are finally friends.

Bonus: If you look closely, my middle finger is a sausage in this picture. See how it looks bent? It’s not. It’s flat. This was taken a day or two after injuring my finger when a dog, whom I was not notified was dog-aggressive, bolted before I had securely grabbed his leash. The leash wrapped around my finger, and… well, I’m probably lucky it didn’t break or worse. Yay sausage finger!

Overboard With Mod Flowers

Mod FlowersYes, I love florals.

Also, water is wet.

I’ve seen a few mod flower designs lately, so I decided to give it a go on my own. I’m annoyed that, despite being at several retail establishments since doing this mani, I have gotten no compliments. People, do you not see? DO YOU NOT SEE? This is fun and bright and awesome. Why has no one invaded my personal space and grabbed my hands to marvel at the artwork thereupon?

Next time I complain about anyone invading my bubble, remind me that I complained about it here.

Base color is Essie – Go Overboard. Design is China Glaze – Happy Go Lucky, and Sinful Colors Nail Art in Sunset and Sour Apple.

Pretty in Peach

Pretty in PeachI tried a thing.

It didn’t work.

Because I had such a resounding response to the flowers-on-a-pond jelly sandwich, I really wanted to explore with layering designs. My idea was to do different flower petals on different layers of polish to give the design some depth. I actually just did layers of Seche Vite for this. The end result was something that started peeling the very next day, and didn’t offer the depth for which I was striving.

However! I do plan on recreating this soon and learning from my mistakes. For instance, I will start with a base color first, then use different shades on the individual petals. I also plan on using something other than Seche Vite as the clear layer between the colors. Gelous? Sally’s Super Shine? More experimentation will be necessary.

The base color is Essie’s A Crewed Interest, which is my personal perfect shade of peach.

The manicure that started it all.

So, there I was, watching Scrubs on Netflix, painting my nails. I’d done a traditional jelly sandwich on my toes and loved the way it looked but wasn’t feeling glitter on my fingers. I wanted something a little softer, so I decided to do flowers between the layers.

It came out looking pretty neat, so I shared it with my fellow reddit lacqueristas.

2,789 upvotes later, I was starting to get the feeling people liked it.

The biggest thing people kept asking me in the aftermath was, “Where’s your blog or website?” Well, um, you see… I didn’t have one. But, I am smart enough to know to strike when the iron is hot. And here I am.

OliveView FashionSo, without further ado, the manicure that started it all.

My go-to base coat right now is OPI Nail Envy to combat a bad case of the peelies. It isn’t especially durable as a base coat, but my nails were getting kind of gnarly, so I’m living with the quick chipping.

The teal is Zoya’s Frieda, a jelly as smooth as water. Zoya nailed their formula out of the park. No goopiness to contend with here, just a gorgeous, flowing polish that layers perfectly. I nestled two flowers between each layer of Frieda, of which there are four, then did one last unjellied flower on top for that final pop. My topcoat is always Seche Vite unless otherwise specified. These two play surprisingly well together considering the number of layers I have here (Seche, for all its magic, does not love layers).

The flowers were done with China Glaze’s White on White and a small dotting tool. That’s it. That’s all there is to the magic. I feel like I should make up a few steps in between just to maintain a certain amount of mystique, but I don’t want to lie to my new friends.

So… that’s it. Are you happy now?! (I kid. I just love using an interrobang.) I am. If anyone really wants me to, I can make and post a tutorial for this mani. Just say the word! Clearly, your wish is my command. (Kidding again. I was going to start a blog anyway. Eventually. Maybe.)